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Teresa Arnott

Teresa Tice

Owner, director and athlete

I had an idea some time ago to develop a business that could allow people to experience a healthy lifestyle coupled with achieving something they first thought impossible. Through my own personal journey I have been fortunate enough to find a sporting passion that I have been able to share over the years with friends, family and clients through the amazing world of Triathlon. Sure this sport is not for everyone but the discipline and effort it takes to cross the finish line in any sport or life is the essence of what I’m all about.

Welcome to The Vitalogy Project.

If it can be added into an already complex program, done backwards, forwards then inside out and on top of what you have already done then I want to know about it?

Who showed you this and how long did it take you to do that?

If that sports science/methodology was created in the 70 or 80’s by a weightlifting or gymnastics coach from an eastern bloc European country, well I’m going to try it first and if I survive it then you’re up next? If a professional athlete can do it, then with training and commitment then so can I (just as long as you give me a little more time)?
If you say that it’s ‘impossible to do’, then prove to me how this is so? I don’t believe you unless I see it with my own eyes!

Welcome to my quirky and somewhat witty world that revolves around the principal that nothing is really impossible if one truly believes that they can do it? Why is this?
The mind is the hand break in life regardless of sex, age, social status, director/CEO of ‘what company’, the car your bank owns, the suburb you mortgaged yourself to live in or the price you will actually for a coffee you drink whilst you update your Facebook profile/status to ‘check into the gym’.

That thing between your ears is the barometer of whether you’re really ‘made of it or not’? It says yes or no, maybe, perhaps, yeah nah, next time, that sounds good but . I’ve heard it all before!


I have been in this unique industry for just over ten years (10) now . Well I know a lot more in than the general run of the mill Personal Trainer because I have spent many years educating myself in Exercise and Sports Science and Dietetics.

There are a few small secrets to my current success. Well it’s all about passion really?

I’m always studying something new, the latest research and revisiting proven principals of times gone by. Whilst I have a formal University qualification related to exercise/health and nutrition, I believe I’m more self-taught from every experience I come across. Which makes me dedicated to this experience, to myself and my clients as I always lead by example: When a client wants to run a full marathon, complete Around the Bay or train for a half Ironman then I am now training for that as well.

Seeing is believing when it comes to client results. Your goal becomes my goal no matter how big or small (the bigger goals are more fun)? I lead by example by which others seemingly follow? My client base and teaching style is infectious.

My clients network between each other which has created many friendships and social connections which I have spawned over the years into something beautiful. They are now all my close friends.

I started at the bottom in a typical suburban health club and worked my way into boutique CBD PT studios with growing amounts of knowledge as each year passed. I’ve taken on management positions that demand leadership, education and support of staff. I have developed my own thriving business and seek further university education in the coming years. I’m constantly search for more?

What are you searching for?


 Drew Tice and The Vitalogy Project

Trainer, motivator and athlete

Hello and welcome to TVP. I’m the other half to TVP and would to congratulate you for at least thinking about making a change.

Its not an easy process and takes a significant amount of willpower to keep on track and that’s where I come into play. At the end of the day it all comes down to motivation. Simple. Motivation. One word only.

The question I ask is:

  • what motivates you?
  • What are you willing to do?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What are you willing to give up?

My mantra is all about identifying your weakness and creating a plan that enables you to work to your strengths first no matter how big or small?  In doing so you essentially create a foundation to move forward from one small step at a time.

You simply become more motivated because you are constantly achieving rather than failing.

Therefore a motivator, friend and exercise specialist my biggest pleasures come from the simple things i see my clients achieve. Over time the only failures that occur for my clients come from increasing the goal beyond anything they first thought possible when they began their journey. Its only when you sit back and reflect how far you have come since day one, a failure isn’t a failure anymore . . . its just a new challenge. Motivate, challenge and succeed.

At TVP we are small collective of individuals that can offer you something special because we are educated, experienced but extremely driven. My passion comes from a constant state of been able to walk out the door and do anything. I mean anything. There is something very satisfying about keeping ones body in a prepared state that not only yields health benefits (and the odd injury) but knowing if i real want to do this today, right now . . . I can.

Good luck, get on board TVP and go achieve something great!