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Lifting in its many forms is the foundation to unlocking a healthy lifestyle. TVP specializes is advanced resistance training that can be utilized for:

  • Increased strength and muscular endurance
  • Weight management
  • Flexibility and increased muscular coordination
  • Sport specific training and periodization programming in strength, agility, power and functional movement patterns
  • TVP utilizes power lifting, free weights, functional training, kettlebells and plyometrics to name but a few

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My background;

10 years of rugby union (ages 17-27) Playing weight 95kg

8 years of martial arts (ages 28-35) Competition weight 82kg

10 years of ‘sloth’ (wife & kids) (ages 36-46) Peak weigh 97kg (no muscle) Doctor stated possibility of type 2 diabetes

1 year walking (age 47) no good – boring listening to the same songs on your iPhone


Almost 5 years personal training under Teresa Dice (age 47 to present) Present weight 87.6kgs (some muscle :) )

Teresa approached me on the basis of personal training. At the time I had been undertaking a few months of my own weight work & spin classes for cardio. In hindsight it really wasn’t working well.


I was sceptical at first but she initially identified that my present training was unsatisfactory for my supposed goals and that much of the weight training was incorrect (technique & target areas). She preposed a strategy based on training for core strength. I knew enough about the core to know of its importance but had never considered it as a personal goal, I was intrigued. Agreeing to undertake training on a temporary basis we begun with the initial personal fitness scope being;

  1. Reduce body fat
  2. Increase strength
  3. Gain health to maintain an active lifestyle and
  4. Work on long term strategy to maintain health & fitness into old age.


That was 5 years ago.


The idea of personal training for the basis of basic health and vitality rather than being goal orientated (i.e. Sport, livelihood, etc)  is generally boring. Motivation is difficult especially during the winter months. Teresa however, over the 5 years has made my training almost fun. I say ‘almost’ as no ‘real’ training is fun, its hard work on pushing new boundaries whether its training as a single entity or training with like minded individuals. Teresa regularly varies the programs to keep people interested. Who would have thought that reverse ‘Spidermans’ or ‘Turkish get ups’ could be fun (note: they’re not) or that ‘passing under a rabbit fence’ is a great warm up exercise!  You don’t really know what to expect some days, it maybe a punishing kettlebell session or an endurance cardio session outside in the mud.  This variation and hence learning new techniques keeps you interested, motivated and makes the time pass while achieving your goals. It also improves your skills when training by yourself.


An area that Teresa excels is accepting and massaging criticism. I’ve trained with Princess’s hell bent on avoiding training using every lame excuse under the sun. My solution would be to give them a teaspoon of cement and harden up but Teresa can almost ‘mother’ the situation to get people back to what is important. They train and at the end of the session they are pleased to have done something rather than flounder about whinging.


Teresa’s knowledge of the human body is what other PT’s lack.  Examples are as follow;

  1. Ability to identify and assist with injuries and provide recovery programs
  2. Identify fatigue levels before an ambo is needed (that’s always a good thing)
  3. Understand dietary requirements to achieve help weight control and muscle development
  4. Recommendations for physio and/or supplement programs

Now don’t be fooled by that bright, cheerful smile as there lies an assassin within Teresa, hell bent on getting results. BUT isn’t that what we wanted when we decided to pay money to get fit?


Bryce Norton




Registered Electrical Contractor since 1986 (REC 8673)


I have been training with Teresa for over 5 years. I have trained both 1:1 and in a group with 2 other similar mined men.

The group sessions are fantastic, a great way for the 3 of us to improve our overall strength and endurance and have fun at the same time.

The individual programs Teresa has set over this period of time have generally been slanted towards by surfing passion.  My programs have been changed every 3-4 months or upon request.  Every one of the programs has been challenging, fun and most of all helped improve my surfing endurance and strength.

I have just returned from 10 days surfing the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia and I can definitely say Teresa’s programs helped me enjoy my surfing more and catch more waves – and that’s what it is all about.


Andrew Farmer

Director Hawthorn and East Bentleigh Pharmore Pharmacies

0418 584702